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Monaris Hair Studio medical care, the hair clinic of the country

Are you considering a hair transplant? Understandably that you would like to be well informed. And opt for the clinic that is known as the best clinic for hair replacement in India. Did you know that more than 30,000 people have preceded you in over 30 years?

Are you dealing with hair loss? You are not the only one. Hair loss belongs to aging. Many men and women get involved in it later in life. In the men there are inlets and the crown becomes bald. Women are confronted with hair loss over the entire head. Heredity is the most common reason that your hair fails. It can also have to do with medication, stress, iron deficiency or a chemo treatment. Not everyone deals with hair loss just as easily. Fortunately, there is much to be done nowadays. For example, there are medicines that work preventively. But in most cases a hair transplant is the solution. Monaris Hair Studio medical care is at the forefront of hair transplants. From our modern clinic in New Delhi, we help you with one tailor-made treatment.

Your first consultation at the hair clinic

A successful hair transplantation stands or falls with good advice. That is why we inform you in the first interview at Monaris Hair Studio medical care. Not only about the benefits, but also about any disadvantages. You will receive clear explanations about the treatments that are available. At Monaris Hair Studio medical care you can go for both FUE hair transplants and FUT hair transplants.

Your attending physician has an answer to all your questions. What is the best treatment for you, how many grafts (hair follicles) are needed for a successful procedure and what your treatment will cost. An honest advice is paramount. That is why we also tell you what results you can expect from a treatment.

Such a first intake interview does not commit you to anything. It does deliver something to you: a clear picture of your situation and the solutions that are available. You will also immediately become acquainted with our clinic and our specialists. Then it is up to you to take a decision in peace.

Treatment at hair clinic Monaris Hair Studio medical care

In our hair clinic you can undergo various hair transplant treatments. We perform both FUE hair transplants and FUT hair transplants. Continuously we follow the latest scientific insights closely. That way you are assured of the best treatment. It is no coincidence that you receive a satisfaction guarantee from Monaris Hair Studio medical care.

Which treatment is optimal for you? That depends on whether you have enough hair that can be used for the transplant. These hairs must also be of agood quality and your scalp must be elastic enough for the procedure. Do not worry: you will receive a reliable advice.

Why do you choose Monaris Hair Studio medical care?

Quality is guaranteed by our doctors and quality marks. We do not only want to meet the expectations of the customer, we want a customer who is more than satisfied. We realize that expectations are constantly subject to change. That is why we are at the forefront of hair transplants. We follow developments closely to apply if the result is proven.

Our quality marks

The International Society of Hair Surgery (ISHRS) is the leading quality mark in the field of hair transplantation and treatments. It has more than a thousand members in more than sixty countries. The ISHRS also provides education to (hair transplant) doctors to share the latest information about hair loss.

The European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS) is a non-profit organization that conducts research into techniques and treatment to combat baldness. ISHRS and ESHRS are umbrella organizations for international hair clinics. The possession of such a mark indicates that the doctor is regularly trained by means of conferences.

The Public Health Inspectorate monitors the safety and quality of healthcare. The IGZ monitors clinics on those points that are less visible to clients. The IGZ has assessed Monaris Hair Studio medical care as a reliable hair clinic.

What can you expect from us as the best hair clinic?

  • A professional medical team. The medical team of Monaris Hair Studio medical care is knowledgeable and experienced. Our hair transplant doctors and hair technicians carry out hair transplants every day. The doctors are qualified and certified and are known and experienced with the latest treatments for hair transplantation.
  • Optimum quality.  You want assurance about the quality of your treatment. We also. That is why we work with the best specialists in this area and we choose the best technologies. This allows us to guarantee you a natural result of the treatment. We also pay full attention to you in pre- and aftercare. And for all medical rules and guidelines that can only apply to a hair clinic.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. At Monaris Hair Studio medical care you are sure of a good result. We offer you a satisfaction guarantee and a lifelong growth guarantee. We also guarantee that we can realize the highest transplant density.
  • The best price/ quality ratio. The rates of Monaris Hair Studio medical care can be compared with any other clinic. Compare those rates with the attention and quality that you receive from us. Then you are much better off at Monaris Hair Studio medical care.
  • Free consultation.
We are happy to help you. That is why the first consultation is free of charge. In an informative conversation, we tell you everything about tailor-made advice, the treatment itself, the prevention of hair loss and the costs. During the interview you will receive a reliable indication of the possibilities: do you have sufficient good quality hair that can be used for the procedure? Our doctor also checks whether your scalp is elastic enough.

How do you choose a hair clinic?

You might do a hair transplant once in your life. That is why it is not easy to find the right clinic. Is a clinic honest in the advice? Do not they promise golden mountains? A tip: look at the experiences of others. At Monaris Hair Studio medical care we are happy to share the experiences of our customers with you. In the 35 years that we exist, we have already carried out more than 30,000 hair transplants. Therefore, make sure that other clinics you visit are also so transparent.

Also let yourself be well informed about the treatments. Up to 20 years ago, the FUT transplant was standard. This produces good results, but also has a disadvantage: the scar that remains behind the head. That is the result of cutting away a strip of skin from the donor area. That is why the FUE hair transplant is now commonplace. Monaris Hair Studio medical care was one of the first to start with it. At FUE hair is transplanted per graft. Such a graft is a hair root from which multiple hairs can grow; an average of two per graft.

Always take a look at the clinic itself. You will then get more feeling. In our case: you see with your own eyes that we are a modern clinic that works with advanced equipment.